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Brioche Loaf

The beauty of a sourdough brioche loaf, easy, no knead to knead.

Brioche Sourdough Loaf

5 ea eggs

80 gr milk (I used almond)

80 gr starter

480 gr flour

80 gr sugar

6 gr yeast

12 gr salt

280 gr butter, unsalted, soft, cubed

egg wash for baking

1 ea egg

pinch salt

  1. Place eggs, milk, starter in bottom of mixing bowl

  2. Add all dry ingredients on top of the wet

  3. Mix with dough hook for 3 minutes on low speed

  4. Scrape down sides, it will be a really wet dough so the best way is to wet your hand and use that to scrape the sides and the dough hook

  5. Mix on medium high speed for 5 minutes

  6. Scrape down and add butter

  7. Mix on medium high speed for 10 minutes

  8. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let sit 1 hour

  9. Punch down and fold sides over each other while still in the bowl to form a rough ball

  10. Cover again and let sit 1 hour

  11. Punch down and fold sides over each other while still in the bowl to form a rough ball

  12. Let sit two hours

  13. Place in fridge to retard overnight, the dough will rise during this period so be sure the bowl you are using is large

  14. Get clean loaf pans, I used these from Wilton

  15. In the morning remove the dough from the fridge and place on a lightly floured surface

  16. Cut dough in half, with each half; form a rough rectangle as long as the pan, fold the top to the middle and the bottom to the middle to make a long book fold, turn over so the seam is on the bottom and place in pan

  17. Place in a warm spot and cover with a towel for 3 hours, or until it has risen about 1/4 inch above the pan

  18. Brush lightly with egg wash

  19. Bake in 350 oven for 50 minutes, or until temperature reaches 190-200 degrees and the top is nice and brown

  20. Remove when done and let cool in pan, remove and enjoy!


Meli Alexander

Chef and Creator

Meli is a professionally ​trained chef in fine dining high end resorts.  She has worked for 15 plus years through all aspects of hospitality, always pushing for perfection.  With a strong sense of creativity and passion for style, her knowledge for all things culinary is vast.  She has met people from all over the world, cooked along side some great chefs, and traveled to the best restaurants, she is here to share her stories, recipes, and more with you, in hopes that you will do the same.

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