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Apples : from Sauce to Butter

An easy alternative to store bought applesauce, especially for your little ones!

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Apple Sauce

2 pounds apples, washed and cut off core


1/2 cup sugar

1 T cinnamon

  1. Add cut and washed apples to medium size pot, cover with water

  2. Bring to boil over medium heat and turn down to a simmer, let cook until apples are very soft and falling apart

  3. Remove and strain, discarding the water

  4. Add apple mixture to food mill and process over a bowl, discard anything that doesn't get pushed through

  5. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste

  6. Cool to keep in the fridge, but don't forget to enjoy when warm! It is delicious!

Apple Butter

-After making apple sauce, place mixture in a small heavy bottom pot.

-Place on low flame and allow to reduce until thick. Remember to stir occasionally so as not to burn.

The sauce will get extra thick and a warm brown color.

-Taste for sweetness and adjust if needed (adding more sugar, cinnamon, or allspice)

-Store this and use on toast, to add to recipes like Apple Cake, or add as a topping over oatmeal!

Quick Canning Technique

When ready, place in jars while still warm and immediately flip jars on the lid.

Allow to cool at room temperature for at least 2 hours, flip back over and the jar should seal itself.

This easy canning technique is great for jars that you will eat within a week or two.


Apple Varieties

There are over 7,500 apple varieties! I still favor the Macintosh, but with so many varieties it can be hard to choose which ones for different recipes. Below is a chart for choosing the best apples for your recipes, but taste also plays a factor, so use at your discretion.


Meli Alexander

Chef and Creator

Meli is a professionally ​trained chef in fine dining high end resorts.  She has worked for 15 plus years through all aspects of hospitality, always pushing for perfection.  With a strong sense of creativity and passion for style, her knowledge for all things culinary is vast.  She has met people from all over the world, cooked along side some great chefs, and traveled to the best restaurants, she is here to share her stories, recipes, and more with you, in hopes that you will do the same.

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